Thank you for considering me as your adventure elopement, wedding, or event photographer! Allow me to share a bit about who I am.

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Born in 1991 in Portland, OR, I spent my formative 13 years there before relocating to Welches, OR. For 16 years I was nestled in the Mt. Hood National Forest, where my love for photography blossomed amid the stunning Pacific Northwest landscapes. Circumstances led me to Eugene, Oregon, where I now reside with my fiancé. With 32 years rooted in this beautiful state, my photographic journey started young. Influenced by my Grannie, a seasoned photographer since the '60s, I learned the ropes of the profession and the dedication required for success.

Investing in education and equipment, I transformed my dream into reality – becoming a full-time photographer. Balancing this pursuit with a full-time job in the coffee industry honed my business and people skills. Five years managing a coffee roaster added problem-solving prowess to my toolkit. Today, I bring a wealth of experience to my photography. Whether managing chaos or crafting a dream wedding gallery, I'm an ultimate multitasker – an artist, a team player, a repairwoman, a therapist – dedicated to capturing every moment with intentionality.

Choosing me as your photographer ensures 100% commitment. I'll immerse myself in your vision, creating a timeless gallery that evokes the emotions of your special day. My goal is to serve you an unforgettable experience, just as I did with latte art during my barista days.

My name is Leanna Little, and I would love to be your Photographer.

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dog mom wedding and elopement photographer
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